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The Ocean Frog: Design Samples

As a freelance designer, I connect with nearly all of my new clients by word of mouth. A meeting where I can show them my work in person is usually all that is required. As I complete my new site design, feel free to take a look though the work samples offered here.

–Kevin Quigley

Logo Design

My basic approach to logo design is: Keep it simple. I like logo images that can be understood from a distance and, whenever possible, in plain black and white. Color and pizzazz can always be added to a simple image, but relying on such things can limit printing and usability options down the road. Here is a collection of logo designs the represent a collaboration with clients that covers the small individual artist and not-for-profit organization to large corporate entities.

Print Work

For print work, I really like multi-layered images that draw a viewer in. Sometimes they can be simple, like the open box on the Riot postcard (see below), but other times an elaborate image can engage the eye, the intellect, and the heart far longer, providing your audience a better opportunity to absorb whatever message a piece is intended to convey. I also like to play with the way type and image reflect and refract each other. A skilled setting can often convey a greater, clearer meaning to the words on the page.

Web Work

My web design has a pretty wide gamut ranging from the fun and frivolous to the clean and corporate. In this case, I take my lead from the client. First, I get a sense of their general aesthetic and taste. Then, I combine that with the needs of their project. Does their content need to sell itself (so the site architecture gets out of the way)? Is the concept something that could use graphical help? Does the interface want to be interesting? fun? functional only? invisible? Sketches are made and presented, and we arrive at the final piece together.

Miscellaneous: Three Sections

Images and Sketches is a collection of work that may have been completed or left while in process. The purpose for including these is to show a bit of my own process and the various elements I incorporate into my work more than my product.

Web Toys is series of small pieces I've done online that aren't really sites but contain some interesting ideas. A couple of animated invitations and several pieces of math art that use equations to generate images. A nice way to brush up on my Trig and Calculus.

Self Portraits in those moments when I have an idea for an image and want to get a skecth of it produced before it dissolves, I generally turn to my most available model - me. The camera is always right beside me. I'm glad I am so convienient!


More often than not, I present my resume as a physical document - a 5.5-inch square booklet.

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